Cruise with Superstar Libra

25 October 2017
25 October 2017, Comments 0

Jom..bawa keluarga bersantai atas kapal..
Star Cruise Libra..

Cruise – 11 March 2018
Port Klang – Phuket- Penang – Port Klang
4day 3 night

Price offer with 5 meals on board..

PROMOTION until 28th October 2017

PRICE : RM 1,450.00/per person

Normal price : RM 2,500.00/person..

Syarat wajib: 1 cabin /bilik mesti ada 2 orang..

Berminat boleh PM akak:
Ic nombor :
Birth Cert : (kalau kanak2)

Boleh bayar deposit dulu rm 500

Balance bayar sikit2 ..
Seminggu sebelum departure..kena bayar habis..

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